Terms & Conditions for Easy Rent A Car

In Bangladesh, Easy Rent A Car is well-known for providing customers with high-quality, reasonably priced services. In the Bangladeshi automobile rental industry, we have a long history of success. We treat our customers as members of our family. When you rent a car from us once, we store both your information and your contract number in our database. You must be permitted to receive a reduction on the rental car fee if you rent a car from us a second time. Easy Rent A vehicle is presently the largest provider of mobility solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh, thanks to our vehicle rental fleet, networks, and services. Airport vehicle rentals, car sharing, van rentals, as well as business solutions are all offered by Easy Rent a vehicle.

Want to rent a car? Easy rent a car in Dhaka will arrange vehicle for you within your budget and affordability. Easy is the easy car rental service provider in Bangladesh. If you want to rent a car just make call us or confirm your reservation in the reservation section in the website. Among 100 pickup points in Dhaka few are e.g. Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Uttara, Badda, Kakrail, Motijheel and a lot of several points. We are professional and experience rent a car and car hire service in Dhaka. We provide rent a car support 24/7.

If you hire a car from us, we advise you to abide by the terms and conditions listed below:

  • We are Dhaka, Bangladesh’s first rental automobile company with an online presence.
  • We are Bangladesh’s hassle-free and cost-effective automobile rental service.
  • If a reservation is canceled, Zoom Rent a Car won’t charge the consumers.
  • Any accidents on the roads will not be the responsibility of Zoom Rent a Car.
  • The vehicle won’t move on strike day (the rip will be canceled).
  • You can get the greatest transportation from Zoom Rent a Car.
  • In Bangladesh, Zoom Rent a Car will make sure its customers have access to reliable transportation in their immediate area.

Requirements for daily car rentals:

  • Ten hours would be allotted for the car rental. Additional fees of BDT 200 per hour after ten hours
  • Lunchtime eating expenses for the driver would be BDT 100. Users are required to pay BDT 200 for the driver’s dinner if the duty shift ends at 10 p.m.
  • Clients must pay BDT 1000 for the driver’s allowance (Food & Accommodation) if the car travels outside of Dhaka. When traveling outside of Dhaka, the clients are responsible for the vehicle’s safety and security.
  • We offer daily automobile rentals in the city of Dhaka, however for particular reasons, we also offer daily rentals outside the city. Daily car rentals include all fees, including parking, tolls, and ferries.
  • When renting a car on a daily basis, the vehicle will
  • All fees are exclusive of taxes and VAT.
    The only passengers and their things will be transported in the car. Any prohibited items were off limits for the vehicle.
    On days of political action or general strikes, the vehicle won’t move.
  • 50% of the hiring fee must be paid at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due in the event that the trip becomes complicated.
  • The payment options include cash, check, and cash.

Conditions for renting a car on a monthly basis:

  • It will run for ten hours. The driver’s overtime rate would be BDT 100 per hour beyond ten hours.
  • As a daily food allowance for drivers, BDT 200 is required. Users are required to pay BDT 200 for the driver’s dinner if the duty shift ends at 10 p.m.
  • Clients must pay BDT 1000 for the driver’s allowance (Food & Accommodation) if the car travels outside of Dhaka. When traveling outside of Dhaka, the clients are responsible for the vehicle’s safety and security.
  • Four days will be off each month from the service.
  • All fees are exclusive of taxes and VAT.
  • Cash, Cheque, and BKash would be the payment methods.

Service Plan of Easy Rent A Car

  • A typical shift would last 10 hours.
  • for daily rental payments over time BDT 200
  • Chauffeur per diem
  • BDT 100 for monthly rent paid over time
  • BDT 1,000 for an overnight stay
  • A vehicle of the newest and most basic model will be offered. In the event of any issues, a comparable vehicle will be provided.
  • Our rate does not include VAT or other taxes.
  • Prices for CNG and octane determine fuel costs.
  • When necessary, a replacement driver or vehicle will be provided.
  • You can make sure we get paid in cash, checks, or bKash.


  • The will be in charge for six days a week. One day every week will be a driver and vehicle-free day.
  • Vehicle will be retained at our location following the duty shift (negotiating here is possible)
  • Ten hours every day would be spent on duty. The driver’s overtime rate would be BDT 50 per hour beyond ten hours. No extra money is required for the vehicle.
  • BDT 100 for the driver’s meal each day. Dinner will cost an additional BDT 100 if the duty lasts past 8:00 PM.
  • The day off will be considered a government holiday.
  • Under no circumstances, including traffic jams, road blocks, or any other comparable condition, will the car move into the road.
  • Daily rent will be charged for any days the vehicle is on duty if those days fall on a non-working day.
  • Clients will be responsible for covering the cost of the fuel (CNG). Aside from CNG, the client must supply the vehicle with 20 liters of octane each month because octane and maintenance are what power the vehicle.
  • Each month’s rent must be paid on the first of the month.

The procedure to ensure that clients receive low rates:

  • We are able to negotiate affordable prices for customers all throughout Bangladesh because to our vehicle rental agreement and cooperation growth with key car rental companies in Bangladesh.
  • Our affordable or low pricing depends on confirmed pick up in a certain location.
  • Low rates are secured for the clients with early confirmation.
  • When you reserve a car online or over the phone, we’ll confirm your reservation. We will send you an email upon the confirmation of your reservation.
  • There are numerous possibilities for renting a car. You will receive additional services from us as you continue to rent cars from us.
  • Call us if you want to cancel your reservation.

The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Renting a car can be an incredibly convenient and flexible way to navigate Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether for travel, personal use, or corporate needs, understanding the ins and outs of renting a car in this bustling city is crucial.

1. Introduction

Renting a car essentially involves hiring a vehicle for a specific period, providing mobility and independence during your stay.

2. Understanding the Car Rental Process

The process usually involves selecting a vehicle, understanding rental terms, and completing necessary paperwork before driving off.

3. Advantages of Renting a Car

Flexibility, convenience, and freedom to explore at your pace are among the key benefits of renting a car.

4. Different Types of Car Rental Services

In Dhaka, diverse car rental services cater to different preferences, including luxury, budget, or specific vehicle types.

5. How to Choose the Right Rental Car

Considerations like size, model, rental duration, and insurance play a pivotal role in selecting the perfect rental car.

6. Car Rental Services in Dhaka: A Comprehensive Overview

Various providers in Dhaka offer a range of services, each with its distinct offerings and prices.

7. Renting a Car Without a Driver

Exploring self-drive options, which provide autonomy and freedom during your travel.

8. Affordable Car Rental Packages

Details about cost-effective packages tailored to suit different budgetary needs.

9. Top Car Rental Companies in Dhaka

Leading car rental agencies in Dhaka known for their quality service and varied vehicle options.

10. The Process of Booking a Rental Car Online

A step-by-step guide to conveniently booking a rental car online from Dhaka.

11. Specialized Rental Services for Various Needs

Specific services for events, long-term rentals, or unique vehicle requirements are readily available.

12. Pricing and Payment Options

Understanding pricing structures, additional fees, and payment modalities to make an informed decision.

13. International Travel Car Rental Services

Insights into renting cars for international travel, including regulations and best practices from Dhaka.

14. FAQs About Renting a Car in Dhaka

Common queries answered, ensuring clarity and understanding for potential renters.


Renting a car in Dhaka opens up endless possibilities for efficient and comfortable transportation. Whether it’s for personal use, tourism, or business, understanding the rental process and the available options ensures a smooth and delightful experience.

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