Dhaka, the country’s first most populous metropolis, serves as Bangladesh’s cultural, commercial, and educational hub. Within a short drive of museums, planetariums, libraries, cricket fields, and places of worship, Dhaka’s appeal can be experienced by renting a car. Knowing that Dhaka still has some grand theaters is important. Don’t forget about family-friendly entertainment options like theme parks and nightclubs. Take a trip to Dhaka and discover the “City of Joy” by renting a car.

With more than 7 years of expertise in local and intercity car rentals in Bangladesh, Easy Car Rentals is an online automobile booking aggregator. Easy Car hire is the biggest car hire with driver company in Bangladesh that provides trustworthy and top-notch services in more than ten cities. You will be led by one of our skilled drivers around some of the best attractions Dhaka has to offer. Make your trip to Dhaka absolutely unforgettable by renting a car from us. This is the greatest approach to plan your own itinerary while exploring cities, mountains, parks, and lakes. We have pick-up locations in this great country, airports, train stations and all major cities so you can arrive and start your journey of discovery. Choose the ideal vehicle for your vacation to Dhaka and all other great cities in Bangladesh by browsing our automobile collection online. We’ll take you on a journey to begin your next experience, whether you’re here for business or pleasure.

Car rental costs in Bangladesh

We strive to provide customers in Bangladesh with the taxis of their choice. We have cars of all types. We even offer luxury car rentals in Dhaka. Local and outstation car rentals in Dhaka As a major metropolis, Dhaka has many historical buildings, malls and bazaars. With so many attractions and shopping options, the best way to get around the city is with a Easy car rental service. Whether you are we will pick you up at your doorstep. You can choose either the 4 hours / 20 Km package or the 10 hours / 80 Km per day package. Book your car in Dhaka today and enjoy your tour! Easy Rent-A-Car is proud to serve customers in Bangladesh. As part of the largest car rental company, owning and operating more than 200 vehicles, we’re sure to have a location near you or your travel destination. Although we are nationally recognized brand, Easy Rent A Car remains a family business with one goal for our clients: to exceed your expectations for service and overall value.

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Sundarban, Cox’s Bazar, Sreemongol, Jaflong, and many other renowned tourist and commercial destinations are just a few of Bangladesh’s numerous distinctive features. You can rely on us to give you the ideal car for your transportation needs, whether you’re only traveling for a few days or staying for a month or more. Search the map or browse the destinations to begin your tour.

One of the world’s cities with the densest populations is Dhaka. All other large cities are likewise getting much denser day by day, making it difficult to live there. This circumstance poses a serious challenge to the accessibility of transportation in Dhaka and all other major Bangladeshi cities. Utilizing public transportation when necessary is really difficult.

Easy car rental Dhaka In 64 districts in Bangladesh, we provide transportation rental services. We offer the transportation you like around Bangladesh based on your needs.

We offer best car rental service in Bangladesh. We arrange cars/vans for you with driver to provide you transport support in any destination within the country of Bangladesh. For your travel, transfer, business and tour operation we can help you for your Hassel free journey.

Come to us and make a reservation right now if you’re considering a cheap and reasonable automobile rental in Dhaka. Until pick-up, there is no fee due. We help customers who want to rent a car throughout all of Bangladesh. For instance, we provide the customer a rent-a-car service for the airport. You are not charged to cancel your vacation. We always give our customers the best, incomparable price. Please reserve a vehicle through Easy Rent-A-Car and discover Bangladesh’s experience. Because we are the top-ranking rent a car company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we can offer you a rental car and an experienced driver at a great rate for your trip. If you wish to rent a car, a microbus, a minibus, a tourist bus, a pick-up truck, or a truck in Bangladesh, Easy Rent a Car will provide you with that option. We offer pricey or inexpensive automobile rentals in Bangladesh depending on your needs.

Our service includes:

  1. Dhaka International airport car rental service
  2. Private/individual tour
  3. Official tour
  4. One way car rental
  5. Rent a car for a month
  6. Hourly rent a car
  7. Daily basis rent a car
  8. Weeding car hire
  9. Cheap rent a car

When you rent a car form us at first we think about your choice, secondly we think about fare. We also think about affordability. We try to ensure you preferred transport in a competitive price. If you agree with our fare we will contact with you. For booking a car you need not to sign in or log in. You can send us your order for vehicle via message sending option in the web page or you can call us directly. Shortly we will communicate with you.

Our service also includes:

Airport transfer:

We provide our clients airport transfer support 7/24. Our vehicle will stay in the parking compound at airport and our customer support team will stay at arrival lounge with a placard by your name to receive you. Our vehicle will drop you anywhere inside and out side Dhaka even across Bangladesh according to your need.

Daily Basis Service:

We provide daily basis service to the clients. We have a large fleet of cars for daily basis rent. Our fleet of cars are available to drop you anywhere in Dhaka or to go any remote place in Bangladesh.

Monthly basis Car Rental:

We provide monthly basis rent a car inside and outside Dhaka. Please select your car and let us inform your budget, we will provide you the car as per your range .

Private Tour:

For private tour we have a lot of luxurious vehicles for rent. We have English speaking driver who will play role diver cum guide in Bangladesh. As your choice you can make your tour operation within Bangladesh.

Car rental for foreign travelers:

For foreign travelers we have special luxurious vehicle. If you wish to visit Bangladesh rant a car from us we will make your tour more enjoyable and we will help you to maximum utilization your time and money. In Bangladesh you can go anywhere where you want. If you want to hassle free journey please communicate with us. We also one of the best tour oater in Bangladesh.

You will get the following benefits if you rent a car from us:

Cheap rent: Though we think the affordability of the clients, we always try to provide vehicle in a cheap rate.

Experienced Driver: We provide rent a car support to our clients with experience driver because we always think about the safety and security if the clients.

English Speaking Driver: We have English speaking driver. Just prepare your tour plan and let us know. We will provide your vehicle in a cheap rate with English speaking driver.

Free Guide: During your trip we will provide you free guide. Driver also can play role as a guide. 24 hours you will get free guide with your car.

Dhaka Car Rentals: Comprehensive Solutions for Renting Cars in Bangladesh

When it comes to exploring the bustling streets of Dhaka or touring the rich landscapes of Bangladesh, having a reliable means of transport is a must. This is where car rental services in Dhaka, Bangladesh come into play. If you’re seeking the flexibility and convenience of moving around the city or planning to take a road trip, exploring the ins and outs of car rental options can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Variety of Car Rental Options in Dhaka

Car rentals in Dhaka offer a myriad of choices, catering to various preferences and needs. These options include daily, weekly, monthly, and even hourly rentals. Travelers can select from a range of vehicles, including compact, sedan, SUVs, or even luxury cars for those special occasions.

Affordable Car Rentals for Every Budget

Finding affordable car rentals is often a priority for travelers. Car hire services in Bangladesh and particularly in Dhaka ensure a competitive and diversified price range to accommodate different budgets. Whether it’s a budget-friendly solution or a premium experience, car rental services in Dhaka cater to all.

Convenience and Accessibility

The advantage of car rental services in Dhaka is the convenience they offer. With multiple pick-up and drop-off points, including at the Dhaka airport, accessing a rented vehicle becomes hassle-free. Many services even provide an online booking platform, enabling users to conveniently book their preferred vehicle ahead of time.

Quality and Reliability

One of the key aspects of a good car rental service is the reliability and quality of the vehicles. Many reputable rental agencies offer well-maintained, clean, and up-to-date cars with comprehensive insurance coverage. This ensures a smooth and worry-free travel experience.

Specialized Services for Every Occasion

Dhaka car rental services extend their offerings beyond general travel needs. They provide specialized services for corporate events, weddings, road trips, and even cater to tourists, NGOs, government functions, and more. Specific car rental options are available, such as self-drive cars, chauffeur services, and vehicles with added amenities like GPS, baby seats, or hybrid cars.

Long-Term and Short-Term Rentals

Whether you need a vehicle for a short weekend getaway or an extended stay, car rental services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, have you covered. From hourly rentals for quick errands to monthly rentals for a longer stay, the options are flexible and diverse.

Additional Value-Added Services

Apart from the standard rental services, some car hire companies provide additional perks like loyalty programs, gift cards, insurance coverage, and rental add-ons. These supplementary services can add value to your overall experience and provide a more personalized rental service.

Ease of Comparison and Booking

Finding the best car rental deal in Dhaka has been made easy with the plethora of online platforms available. Users can compare prices, services, and available vehicles on different booking platforms, enabling them to make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs.

Fleet Management and Customer Satisfaction

Fleet management solutions offered by car rental agencies contribute to a more streamlined and organized service. They ensure a systematic process for booking, pick-up, and drop-off, adding to the overall customer satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly and Green Options

For environmentally conscious travelers, some car rental services offer green and eco-friendly vehicle options, contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable travel practices.

Diverse Use Cases and Events Covered

Car rental services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, cover a wide range of events and purposes, from personal needs to corporate functions, providing tailored services for each occasion. The wide array of options ensures that every customer’s specific needs are met.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the car rental services in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh offer a comprehensive solution for travelers and locals alike. From a variety of rental options to specialized services and additional value propositions, these services cater to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences.